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9v Battery 800mah (andriod port Rechargeable )2 unit free pos

RM 75.00

9v Battery (andriod port Rechargeable )

Buy 1 unit RM40

buy 2 unit RM75 (free post)

9v Battery (usb Rechargeable ) BOLEH CAS banyak KALI -- KHAS UTK PENGGUNA SMART TAG Dari selalu kena keluar duit RM10 utk ganti bateri baru , baik berjimat dgn #BateriCasSemula ni 🔌🔋

Wide Rangeo of Appications

- Smart tag

- wireless microphone

- Metal detector

- Smoke Detector Alarm

- Burglar Alarm

- Electronic multimeter

- toys

- and more

Are you sick of Smart Tag low on battery everytime

passing the toll booth? Worry no more with this

green product, the USB Rechargeable Battery 9V FOR


Just replace your Smart Tag Battery.

Our USB Rechargeable Battery 9V (FULLY CHARGE in

1.5 hr)

can use 1500 time

Big Capacity 800mAh

Have LED battery level

You also no longer require the 9V battery from

your Smart Tag. By doing so, you have make the

environment greener with less battery. It's s

also save money in the long run.

USB Rechargeable Battery 9V 800mah

Ini untuk ganti smart tag battery , x perlu selalu

tukar battery lagi, jimat wang.

Battery Size: 9V

Capacity: 800mAh

Voltage: 9.0V

Disply : LED battery level

Charging time: 1.5 hours(USB FULLY CHARGE),

Rechargeable times: 1500 times in correctly use


note : no warranty

Payment option:

- Cash On Delivery (NSK SENTOSA KLANG)

- Online Payment / Postage

Pos Laju 1-3 Days receive payment upon delivery

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